What’s on your deployment bucket list?

I saw someone use the phrase “deployment bucket list” a few months ago on Semper Fi Momma and thought: “GENIUS!” I had already been making a list of things I’d like to do/accomplish/experience while my honey is downrange, but had never heard that term. It’s  perfectly fitting, though.

With deployment “D-day” quickly coming upon us, I’ve been spending some more time thinking about the things I’d like to do. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • run a half-marathon (in September)
  • take a cooking class (or four)
  • go Paleo/Primal for at least a month
  • take a photography class
  • hot yoga at least twice a month
  • attend the Healthy Living Summit in Boston (in August)
  • be a tourist in my own city (check out museums, parks & restaurants)

What’s amazing is how the Universe is practically giving me these opportunities! The other day I found a deal on photography classes ($35 for a 2-hour class). Then the dates and location for HLS were announced and plane tickets are less than $200. (Plus, I have a few friends who are planning to go as well.)

And if that wasn’t enough … one of my very best friends, Laura, is planning to come do the half-marathon with me! I think that’s only fitting because she ran my first race with me and has run with me every time I’ve added a new distance.

What are some fun things you’ve done while your honey was deployed?

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