Pre-deployment lesson: It’s never too early to plan care packages

The minute my honey told me he was deploying, my mind started formulating care packages. I suppose that’s a by-product of being a military brat. Either way, I was on a mission.


Now, my honey made sure I knew that he didn’t want a lot of mail while he was gone. Actually, he didn’t want ANY, but we compromised (ahem, executive decision on my part) and settled on one* care package a month.

Have fun with these! There are tons of ideas out there for care packages. I opted for theme packages this time. It made it easy to pull together items and shop for things.

Start to keep your eyes peeled for ideas. If you can, pick up items as you see them. Trust me, you won’t want to see something PERFECT, not buy it, and then not remember where you saw it.
Once you start coming up with ideas, it will be hard to stop! Keep a list of things you’d like to send and pick the best ideas.

Remember, no matter what you send, they’re gonna love it. The goal is to make them smile and/or laugh. Everything else is just a bonus.

*This has since changed to two a month – I just can’t let that much time go by without sending a little love!

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