Keep an open mind

I saw this quote this morning and it really resonated with me. With the Casey Anthony trial wrapping up with a decision I’m sure many people didn’t expect, this seemed even more appropriate.

“Every story has three sides to it – yours, mine and the facts.” – Foster Meharny Russell

Now, please don’t think I’m trying to justify the Casey Anthony trial. In fact, forget all about that. Just think of an instance in the last week in which you were told something that maybe didn’t really seem “right” to you. And, using that moment, apply that quote – the facts are somewhere in there, but as humans, we seem to jumble things up and make things more elaborate/difficult/sensational than they need to be. (I work for a newspaper, too, so I know this to be true.)

It’s a “don’t believe everything you hear (or think)” situation. Keep an open mind. Don’t jump to conclusions – because 90% of the time, they aren’t the right ones.

A dear, dear friend of mine and mentor always asks me the same questions when I tell her a story – something I believe with all my heart is true in that stressful moment. Here’s how our conversation would go:

Me: I cannot work another day at this job! It’s going to kill me!
Her: Really? Do you know that for SURE – 1,000%?
Me: Well, no, it probably won’t kill me. I’m just so tired of going there. I feel like my soul is dying.
Her: Is that the reality of the situation? Is that what’s really going on?
Me: Gosh, I hope my soul isn’t dying. It’s just a job – not worth giving my soul for.

So, next time you catch yourself telling a “story” – ask yourself, “Can you be 1,000% right about this?” and “Is that the reality of the situation?” If not … rethink your thoughts. Because thoughts become words, which become actions, which become habits, which become character, which then become your destiny. You don’t want to be known as the Negative Nelly, do you?

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