I am a runner

I am a runner.

Me & Jenny – June 11, 2011

I never, ever imagined I would call myself a runner. I always rolled my eyes at my friends who were runners. “You’re crazy!” I’d tell them. “I couldn’t run a mile if I was being chased!” “I’d rather be sleeping.”

But then, two years ago, I saw this picture:

me in Feb 2009

And I knew I had to do something. I was fat (158 lbs. on 5’0″ frame). I was unhappy. I was depressed. I was sick.

I had never been one to do “diets” – so I knew losing the weight would be hard. I ate right, I started exercising and somehow got the crazy idea that maybe I could run. I started using the Couch to 5k program – which I highly recommend.

I ran my first race in Aug 2009 – with Laura (pictured below) – and thought I was going to DIE the whole way through. (Tip: I do NOT recommend any race with the world “challenge” in it for your first race.) Even though it was hard, I kept going.

Running + winter in Wisconsin = not so much fun. But, by that time, I had realized something. I had become one of those people who needed to run. I was off my anti-depressants – even though I was in the midst of a divorce – and running was keeping me on an even-keel. I finally got why my friends were doing this.

Yesterday, I ran my first 10k – the longest I’ve ever run.

Me & Laura at Bellin 10k (Sweat is sexy!)

My friend Laura (above) was there and so was my good friend Jenny (top photo). The weather was perfect. The crowd was HUGE (18,000 runners). The energy was high. I had three goals going into it: 1.) No bleeding/injuries. 2.) No puking. (I woke up with a horrid headache.) 3.) No dying.

Happy to say, I didn’t do any of those. :) In fact, it was such an awesome run, I’m contemplating a half-marathon. Who’d have guessed I’d be saying that?!

What’s an accomplishment you’re extremely proud of?



  1. Tressa says:

    :O) I love what you wrote!
    Losing weight and choosing to be healthy is such an ongoing battle with so many and I think it’s awesome that you accomplished something so much more. You have instituted a TRUE lifestyle change and it is so evident that you are reaping the benefits – you seem genuinely happy, and what more could anyone ask for? I think it’s great that you run ;)
    Oh yeah, my accomplishment: I finished the workout program Insanity! I did it … there were many days I did not want to. I kept reading blogs for tips and hints and finally realized there weren’t any that could make me get up and choose to do it each day. It was all internal and that is why it is such an awesome accomplishment!

    • Jessica
      Twitter: Deploymentdivas

      You did Insanity!?!?! OMG!!! I SOO want to try that! I am SO proud of you! I totally agree – there isn’t a trick; it’s ALL mental. And you have to be willing to jump back after you take a break. Miss you, girl!

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