How to mail cookies overseas

My mom is the Cookie Goddess. Right after my honey left, she shipped off a box of cookies to him and he raved about them. Probably because she sends not one or two kinds, but FOUR different kinds at once. (Apparently M&M cookies were the favorite of that box.)

I was asked recently what’s the best way to ship cookies. I’m not sure this is the BEST way, but this is how we do it and they seem to always arrive in tact.

First, let’s talk about the cookies – We use the small scoop from Pampered Chef to make uniform-sized cookies. We made chocolate chip, M&M and a chocolate cookie with white chips this time using the scoop and were able to stand up the cookies in the containers in rows (like Oreos). We cover with wax paper and then snap on the lid. The cookies fit fairly snugly in there and don’t move. That’s what you want – if they move, they’ll probably end up broken. Although, broken cookies are still cookies. Don’t forget to write what type of cookies they are on the lids!

If your cookies wont stand up nicely, lay them down and put a piece of wax paper between each layer to keep them from sticking to each other. I’ve read that putting a piece of bread in the container will keep them fresher longer, but I haven’t heard complaints about stale cookies. (Though, maybe they’re just happy with ANY cookies, stale  - or broken – or not! LOL)

Now, the containers: Depending on how many cookies we have to mail, we buy either the Ziplock Smart Snap Medium Rectangle or Large Rectangle containers.

I’ll talk about the Large containers first – these are what we used above. We were able to fit about 30-36 cookies in each container. However, these only fit TWO to a flat-rate box, when they are stacked on top of each other. They are flush to the top of the box and there’s almost half the box left for other items.

The medium containers are great if you don’t have many cookies to send, or have small amounts of several kinds. You can’t fit as many in these as the large (maybe 2 dozen tops), but you can fit FOUR containers in a flat-rate box.

In order to fit four in a flat-rate box, two will have to be upside down. (as seen above) You’ll still have a bit of space in the box along the side, but only enough for a letter or card on top.

If you’re only mailing one kind, but have a lot, I suggest using the medium containers because you’ll be able to get more in the box and have less “free” space to fill. If you’re mailing several kinds (perhaps for Christmas?), I’d suggest using the larger containers, knowing that you’ll probably be sending multiple boxes. But, that just means there’s a little extra space for other goodies.

What to put in the extra space? Anything you want – drink mixes, books, photos, energy bars, etc.

When in doubt, fill with toilet paper. (Tip: you can fit 2-3 rolls in with the large containers.) I promise they’ll love you.

What packing tips do you have to share? 


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