Featured military spouse: Meet D!

I don’t even remember how D (@milliferocks on Twitter and blogging at Seasoned Air Force Spouse) and I got started talking on Twitter, but I just ADORE her. She and I are so much alike, it’s frightening! So, I am thrilled to share her story. If you don’t know D. yet, go say hi on Twitter or on her FB page.

D. with Dr. Rey from Dr. 90210

Name & family stats: I have a husband (the right one this time) and 4 children. Their ages are 21, 14, 10, and 5. We have one Yorkshire Terrier who is 6 years old.

What’s your story? How did you & your husband meet? My story would take a week to tell. Short version is that I’m the youngest of 4 kids in an Army family. We traveled extensively and my father served in Vietnam and retired as a Colonel when I graduated high school.

I joined the Air Force a few years later and that’s where I met my husband. He dropped the lamest line I’d never heard and that got my attention. We were inseparable after that day. We are those individual accessories that make something complete. Different but work very well together.

What’s the most helpful tip you’ve learned as a military spouse? Information. It’s what I brought in from my experience as a dependent daughter and Active duty member. Let me emphasize; FACTUAL information. Not gossip, not scuttlebutt, not assumptions, not what happened to person A, B, or C.

Every installation has what I term ‘Subject matter authorities’ from finance to childcare to fitness to family services. They are there to be utilized.

And for a couple, don’t just float. Have a plan for your family, your future, your careers, your finances. Goals help the family stay on track through all of the changes and deployments. Include the kids in the parts that pertain to them.

We are always straight forward with our kids on deployments, TDY’s, and PCS moves.

What is the best part of military life to you? Moving! Travel! Discovering this really small world we live in by talking to people and finding connections.

What’s been your favorite duty station? Andrews AFB, Maryland and Stuttgart, Germany (In the 80’s)

What is one thing that you know for sure (today) that you would like to share with the world? That life is about a literal balance. Planning, spontaneous, serious, funny, thoughtful, carefree. We wouldn’t be where we are as a couple or a family if we planted glue on our feet when it came to living and didn’t embrace this life.

What is something about you that most people don’t know, but would find interesting? I can care too much. Or I can turn it off like a light. I also have an inner voice that likes to be right and usually is. :-)

I’m a big proponent of taking time for yourself in order to be a better wife/mom. If you had one full day all to yourself, what would you do? I agree and I’ve been telling my friends to take time for themselves for years.
My day would start with waking up when my body is ready, a deep tissue massage, a seafood lunch, reading a great book, coming home to a calm and quiet environment to fall asleep.

Finally, I like to close on a positive note – What’s your favorite positive quote?
You must be the change you wish to see in the world ~  Mahatma Gandhi
It starts with each of us to influence change.

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  1. Deb
    Twitter: deb_bryan

    I loved this entry straight through the final quote, which was my email signature for a couple of years. It’s no longer my email signature, but it remains a daily inspiration. What a way to top off an already excellent lead-in to bedtime! Thanks. :)

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