Essential Travel Snack Kit – never leave home without one

I love traveling. I love going new places, trying new foods and meeting new people. It doesn’t happen very often because I can be terribly introverted, but when it does, I try to embrace it whole-heartedly.

But sometimes it can be difficult to eat healthy when you’re on the road. For me, traveling equals having carte blanche to eat anything I want. That’s a very difficult mindset to change at 32. I’ve found that making sure I have healthy, easy, portable options available make it a little more difficult to justify spending $20 on airport food.

I’m currently packing up my bags to head to Boston for the Healthy Living Summit*, one of my deployment bucket list items, and I’m including my Essential Travel Snack Kit:

My flight leaves at oh-dark-thirty, so I’ve packed some fresh fruit (banana, oranges, plum and nectarines), Shakeology and instant oatmeal packets for breakfasts, a few Larabars, and of course, tea. I may pack a PB&J, too.

I love packing Shakeology and instant oatmeal in my bag because it’s SO portable and makes it a cinch to get a healthy meal. I usually bring along a shaker cup for my Shakeology, but you can use a large-mouth water bottle in a pinch. Don’t be afraid to ask for hot water at coffee shops in the airport, either. I’ve never been charged for a cup of water when I ask for it for tea. Not only do I save a few bucks, but I’ve always got my favorite tea in hand.

And don’t forget the in-room coffee pots at your hotel. They’re perfect for instant oatmeal if your hotel doesn’t provide breakfast. Just run water through it (without the coffee grounds) and you’ve got instant hot water.

I’m certainly not opposed to eating out while traveling. But, sometimes, it’s nice to know you’ve got something readily available in case you find yourself running through airports to catch a flight …. or sitting on a runway.


*Going to HLS too??? Be sure to find me Saturday! I’ve got a limited number of super cute business card holders to give away!

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