Care package #5: Game box

One thing I noticed shortly after my honey left was that his guys like to have fun. Whether it’s playing jokes or making up games (think the ball throwing game ala Friends), they’re always looking for a way to ease the stress and have a few laughs.

That’s how this box started. I started picking up little games and fun things that I thought the guys would like. What it ended up being was a little more of a mish-mosh of things I had laying around. Mostly because my mom and I had cookies to add to this box. That alone made it TWO boxes and, well, I just started filling them with whatever would fit. LOL

game care package

What’s inside (2 boxes):

  • Magnetic hangman
  • Word find puzzle
  • “Mischief-makers manual” 
  • Phase 10 card game
  • 4  packages of homemade cookies
  • Animal crackers – seriously, the guys can’t get enough of these things!
  • Nutrigrain bars
  • Lemonade & Kool-aid drink mixes
  • a few books for him to read to his son

This wasn’t really what I had intended for the “game” box, however I’m sure it brought a smile to his face. And possibly caused a riot.

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