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Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m a Marine Corps brat, certified holistic health coach, a cat mom, a runner, a peanut butter lover and a shoe addict.

I started this blog in January 2011 after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a holistic health coach as a way to help others – especially busy military wives – find a realistic healthy balance.

In 2008, I went through a mini-midlife crisis. (Can it be considered mid-life when you’re only 28?) I had just gotten married and was packing on the pounds. When I finally hit 160 – on a 5’0″ frame - I knew I had to do something. I worked my BUTT off, losing a combined 300 lbs (35 of my own and 265 of which was my ex-husband).

I had a lot of challenges going on during that time – my family was far away (which wasn’t abnormal – I did grow up in the military – but still hard), I was going through a divorce, I was starting school again, I hated my job and I felt all alone.

But I made it through, and that’s why I wanted to write about healthy living – especially for military spouses, girlfriends and significant others. I know how busy/crazy/insane your life is.

Why ‘Deployment Diva’? Well, having grown up in the Marine Corps – and having dated several in that branch – I found myself living the military life every.single.day. In the past 12 years alone, I’ve gone through probably a dozen deployments all together. No two are alike. And I believe anyone who’s gone through one and survived should claim the ‘diva’ title.

In the Summer of 2012, I found myself in the midst of a deployment with a soldier I had started dating about 7 months earlier. While it might have been another deployment, this time its was in the midst of Army life instead of Marine. My goal was to maintain a positive attitude during deployment and share the tips and tricks I use myself to find a realistic healthy balance with all of you.

My mission is to help YOU have a #healthydeployment whenever it comes around. It’s not just about surviving … but thriving, even when we think we can’t.


Contact info:
twitter: @deployment_diva
Facebook: Deployment Diva
email: deploymentdivas@gmail.com



While I am a certified holistic health coach, I am not a medical doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. All views made on this site are my own. Please consult a physician before embarking on any fitness or dietary journey. If you are interested in my health coaching services, please send me an email.

Any products supplied by a company for review will be disclosed in the post. You will only find positive reviews on this site, as I reserve the right to decline review if the product is not one I am absolutely and completely excited about or does not serve my readers. I know many “skim” read articles, and I do not want to feature any brand or product here that I do not LOVE.

With that said, I am PR friendly. Please feel free to drop me an email!


  1. Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction
    Twitter: yogurtaddiction

    I know someone who was in the army and I feel for you women! It must be so hard to not see your loved one for so long! I really did not understand the military or the military lifestyle AT ALL before I met this person…but now I feel like I have a much better understanding of our troops and how much them and their families put up with. I’ve always supprted the troops obv, but now I can REALLY say that I thouroughy and full support what our boys (and girls) go through! I’ve been told that “it’s a way of life” and a lot of people (esp the ones going to battle) actually love it. Good luck with everything!!!

    • Jessica
      Twitter: Deploymentdivas

      Thank you, Stellina! It really is a “way of life” – And it’s really been my whole life! It’s hard to think of a time when it was any other way. :) I wish more people could see how difficult it is for the families. Thank you for being there for your friend and willing to learn!

  2. Jo says:

    Thanks so much for your comment on the Sisterhood of the Camo Pants’ blog. :-) I’m fairly new to blogging, and I truly appreciate the feedback!

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